About Alfamaq

Construction, Architecture, Engineering and Industrial Safety

Alfamaq is the sum of 7 family businesses that decided to integrate into one. Having all, an important trajectory, they were unified in a single family effort under the direction of its founder, Mrs. Maura Betty Jiménez de Ceballos, along with her 6 children.

This is how they direct the vision of developing important works in the public and private sectors, in the field of construction, roads, urban planning, and high-dimension buildings, in national and international territory. These organizations joined their efforts with all their experience, generating a single prestigious construction company.

Thus, on January 24, 2000, Inversiones Alfamaq C.A., a leading company in the execution of projects of the highest magnitude, was founded. An ambitious construction process in the public and private sectors of the now Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

More than 700 works delivered to the public and private sector to the satisfaction of our clients and an added value to the economy that exceeds 381 million dollars in its first 20 years, managed to position the business group as a reference in the sector, being the antecedent For which Inversiones Alfamaq CA was born on January 24, 2000, which would become the parent company and most important of the 7C Group and would give continuity to the activities and services offered to our clients.