3 wooden hotels to appreciate the landscape

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3 wooden hotels to appreciate the landscape

December 15, 2021 Alejandro Ceballo Jimenez 0
Alejandro Ceballos Alejandro Ceballos Jiménez Alejandro Jesús Ceballos Jiménez 3 wooden hotels to appreciate the landscape

Located in the most challenging places, with innovative designs and an alternative to traditional ways of vacationing, these curious and cozy log cabins defy the climate and invite you to live an unforgettable experience.

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Alejandro Ceballos Alejandro Ceballos Jimenez Alejandro Jesus Ceballos Jimenez 3 wooden hotels to appreciate the landscape. - 3 wooden hotels to appreciate the landscape

Starting in Sweden, the creators of the “72 Hour Cabin” have created a rest system for the common citizen who often faces high levels of stress. The cabin is made up of a simple wooden structure with a gabled roof that supports the glass plates, giving continuity in the vertical with its also glazed facades.

For the second project, Las Cabañas Morerava in the Easter Islands, under the condition that they are not invasive to the environment, a project of 4 cabins is developed. The sloping roofs allow the rainwater to drain easily; the project is carried out in 2 types of wood, with a more rustic finish for the exterior faces and with lighter and more polished surfaces on the interiors.

And finally we present the Origin Tree House Hotel designed by the Atelier LAVIT in Paris, who created an exceptional cabin inspired by a bird’s nest. Its access is given thanks to a sequence, starting with a suspended platform that, after climbing a series of stairs, joins the nest by crossing a wooden walkway.