4 sustainable construction materials

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4 sustainable construction materials

January 14, 2021 Construction, Architecture, Engineering and Industrial Safety 0
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Reusing the resources that nature gives us is a strategy that has been implemented little by little over several years in construction and architecture. It is for this reason that Alfamaq recommends four sustainable construction materials


This material is used in home installations, as it provides alternative thermoplastic elements to PVC and does not contain chlorine in its composition.


It is a traditional material taken directly from nature, so if it is a conscious way, it does not affect the environment, it is also considered one of the materials that contributes the most CO2.

Recycled Paper Cellulose Fiber

This material behaves in a similar way to wood, since it balances the maximum and minimum temperatures of the day in summer and protects from the cold in winter.

OSB panels

It is a product derived from wood. It is very useful when conducting a study, since it provides a natural acoustic insulator, it has four subdivisions according to the use that is given to it:

  • OSB-1: Used for interior or decoration use.
  • OSB-2: It is used for load bearing structures in dry environments.
  • OSB-3: It is present in load-bearing structures in humid environments.
  • OSB-4: They are used for use in high performance load bearing structures.