Build in wood: Punta Puertecillo House

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Build in wood: Punta Puertecillo House

March 30, 2022 Construction, Architecture, Engineering and Industrial Safety 0
Alejandro Ceballos Alejandro Ceballos Jiménez Alejandro Jesús Ceballos Jiménez Build in wood Punta Puertecillo House

The use of wood in architecture is nothing new, day by day remote techniques are combined with cutting-edge technology to incorporate this material into the most used construction systems. Now, we share with you an exquisite work made entirely of wood.

With an area of 100 m2, the holiday home is set up on a wooded plot near the beach. The minimalist proposal avoids competing with the environment to emphasize the beauty of the landscape, for this Antonio Mundi together with his team have used only local materials.

A minimalist proposal made entirely of wood

The program is simple and is distributed in a symmetrical and regular way, a central patio separates the public spaces such as the living room, dining room and kitchen, from the private ones that include the bedrooms and the bathroom, linked to each other by glass corridors.

The structure of the house is visible, the wood as the protagonist dresses the interior spaces in its natural color providing great warmth and spatial value, instead this same wood applied to the exterior is later painted black so as not to stand out in the environment.

For the black wooden facade there is also an ancient technique that consists of carbonizing the wood in which a similar aesthetic character is obtained, and in turn the carbonization seals the wood and protects it.