The use of bamboo in contemporary homes

Construction, Architecture, Engineering and Industrial Safety

The use of bamboo in contemporary homes

October 15, 2021 Construction, Architecture, Engineering and Industrial Safety 0
Alejandro Ceballos Alejandro Ceballos Jiménez Alejandro Jesús Ceballos Jiménez The use of bamboo in contemporary homes

Today we present 3 projects in which despite their different geographical positions, their architects have coincided contemplating bamboo in their designs.

Our first home, located in Singapore, is completely rebuilt to meet customer preferences. Under the commission of a tropical and minimalist home, architecture plus the Wallflower Design studio was able to solve a private home within the urban environment that responds to the tropical climate. The owner requested that the bamboo be applied as an envelope for his new house.

Located in Vietnam, and surrounded by party walls, the second project was born, the Floating Nest House. In its search for spatiality and with only a free facade, the NgNg studio opts for an integrated space, with small gardens and transitions between interior and exterior. As in the previous project, the bamboo screen protects the facade.

And finally, we closed in the Yunnan province in China, with The Oval Partnership study who thought and realized a house made entirely of bamboo. With subtle lines the house embraces sustainability and energy efficiency, including the material from the structure to the furniture.

Despite the many applications of bamboo in construction, it is the first house to be built from bamboo engineering products. Born as an experimentation of the material, light and resistant, the 2-level prototype is designed for mountainous terrain so it rises from the ground.