¿What are topographic plans?

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¿What are topographic plans?

January 14, 2021 Construction, Architecture, Engineering and Industrial Safety 0
Alejandro Ceballos ¿What are topographic plans - ¿What are topographic plans?

Topographic plans or a topographic maps are a graphical representation in relief of an area that it is going to be built and that can be considered flat. This type of map is not limited to the representation of natural and artificial places, also roads, administrative and electrical lines, lakes and parks.

Within a topographic map there are various elements, which allow the architect and engineer to be guided when building. These elements are the following: title, scale, symbols, compass rose, legend and cartographic projection.

  • Title: Its objective is to explain what type of map is being contemplated, the geographical area in which the construction site is located and what is the work to be carried out.
  • Scale: It is the three-dimensional representation of the territory in which you are going to work. This type of measurement is important when evaluating plans.
  • Symbols: These elements are intended to represent places that may be around the work such as: schools, hospitals, subway stations, universities, among others.
  • Legend: It is accompanied by the symbols, and indicates the meaning of each one used to represent something in a concrete way.
  • Cartographic Projection: Includes the meridians and parallels that divide the earth, thus allowing the construction point to be known exactly.