The history of civil engineering

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The history of civil engineering

April 28, 2021 Construction Engineer 0
Alejandro Jesús Ceballos Jiménez The history of civil engineering

The term civil engineering was cataloged to differentiate itself from military engineering. One of the first schools of this type of engineering was created in 1747 in France, specifically in the city of Paris, under the name of La Ecole Nationale des Pons et Chaussées, which is currently in operation.

There are three historical periods where engineering had its first lights and these were:

  • Paleolithic

The camps were built on the banks of the rivers and stone was one of the main construction materials.

  • Mesolithic

Men have already left the caves and are beginning to build huts to live in the “open air”.

  • Neolithic

The first settlements begin to appear, thus emerging private property and barter trade.

Civil engineering and its evolution  

Alejandro Jesus Ceballos Jimenez The history of civil engineering. - The history of civil engineering

Later, several famous engineers emerged, among them is John Smeaton, who is considered one of the first civil engineers of the time.

During the industrial revolution, engineering gave way to the construction of roads, ports, bridges and factories, which opened the way for many cities to have connections with other parts, thus increasing employment and economic production.

Likewise, it allowed the development of new bases to transfer the efforts that were created during several years, this through structures, flows or soils, which is a practice that continues to be developed today.